Dear Ben,

Thank you for your un biased guidance and advice in the showroom end of December 2010 covering the different ranges and finishes. Really best in class service which informed me to make the right choice (and same conclusion from previously looking at your well laid out web site!). I purchased the single bed with Top Box for the smallest room (220 x 210 cm – 7 ft 2 by 6 ft 10 approximate) and you arranged delivery to suit my requirements and the installation guys were great, installing quickly and with lots of handy tips for m

The bed/top box is light oak and looks fantastic, it sits very well in the room and makes the room appear more spacious than before! This is a great feature of your excellent overall design. Functionally the bed is very easy to use, taking seconds to convert and the Top Box provides very deep storage and I use it daily as a desk.

When a friend came to stay, this time rather than taking the storage boxes etc off the top of the bed, I converted the study bed in seconds and he had a great night’s sleep on it improved from the previous bed which is a good compliment as I am using the mattress from the previous bed in the Study Bed. The bed is well engineered and built to last and I have had very favorable comments from all who view and use it.


Peter C . (Windsor)

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