I would like to reiterate how pleased we are with the bed. We had looked at it on your website but didn’t go ahead as it doesn’t do it justice, especially as it is a significant purchase. By luck we won a family ticket for the idea home exhibition, and there was your stand. I only now wish I had a before and after photo of his room but it was always so small and messy there are no photos. Now my son has a floor to play on, his own little haven. The two gentleman who came helped us decide the best place to put the bed and were amazingly quick at installing and then demonstrating, explaining about where wires etc should go. For anyone thinking about this I would highly recommend the bed as it was the only option before a loft conversion, which thankfully now isn’t necessary. Our son is just turning to 9 and probably a rarity as he makes his bed in the morning now.

M.W. (Bromley) June 2011

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